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Reports & Features

Reports & features have never been an important or even main occupation, but when the opportunity arose, JH was happy to devote himself to this activity from time to time.But - they must have been special topics!
Here are just a few highlights.

Hong Kong & Singapore Mafia.

Gaining the trust of mafiosi and being invited on one of their boats for gambling and prostitution (disguised as tourist "pirate" ships) was one thing.

But maybe it hadn't been the very best idea to take pictures of gang members at their forbidden gambling (secretly) and hookers (for cash). At least you shouldn't get caught.
But who could have guessed that Sue first collected the money and then told her pimp.

JH and his Chinese friend and informant Michel Wu escaped at the last second.

A Mistress from the infamous brothel street "Herbertstrasse" in Hamburg - a PENTHOUSE report.

Speaking of "red light" - here is another report from the milieu. But this time elegant and noble, about the young but famous dominatrix "Sternchen" ("Little Star") from the infamous whore street "Herbertstrasse" in HAMBURG, GERMANY.

JH photographed for PENTHOUSE a big report about this exceptional dominatrix, and PENTHOUSE editions all over the world have printed the story.

Fetish model Natalia Muehlhausen, a close friend to Sternchen, stopped by the shooting at the studio of te Mistress.

Ibiza - global party hot spot and "second home" of actress and It-Girl Beatrice Fiedler.

The island of IBIZA in SPAIN was and is a hot spot of the international party scene - a meeting place for the beautiful and the naked (female) and the swanks and the rich or wannabe rich (male). Note: the bigger the boat in front of the celebrity beach, the bigger the chance to pick up hot girls...

The name Bea Fiedler, short for the It-Girl and famous actress Beatrice Fiedler was at that time almost synonymous with IBIZA.
She was one of the figureheads of the party scene, and it was she who invited her good friend JH to join her for a report on the party scene in IBIZA. She gave him access to the VIP boxes of the super-rich in the clubs, and thus to some unique insights into a world where champagne bottles have a five-digit price tag.

Malaysia - land of many faces.

JH has visited Malaysia many times, and has gained invaluable impressions of the country and its people, of the great contrasts that exist, of the different religions and cultures.

JH has published several reports about his impressions of this country.

Tropical Dreams - Tropical Drinks.

Tropical Dreams - a promotional report about the luxury Motel Desa and the luxury Hotel Tanjong Jara on the east coast of Malaysia, as well as about the luxury Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Many colourful holiday pictures, delicious drinks and beautiful women... who would not like to spend a few days there !

An exceptional talent - Hollywood star Udo Kier.

The German HOLLYWOOD megastar Udo Kier agreed to make himself available for a magazine feature.

One focus of the report was that Kier showed how he trains his facial expressions - with video camera and television.

JH had the honour of photographing the report.

Chinese Opera in Hong Kong.

For the traditional Chinese, the various forms of Chinese opera are an expression of their culture par excellence.
Every little detail of the performers and the stage decoration has a certain important meaning that only connoisseurs of the opera can understand - colours, fabrics, make-up, masks, language, pitches, roles, etc.

For non-Chinese, Chinese opera is a completely incomprehensible, colourful and above all shrill and loud spectacle.

This was a report about the performance and the impressions behind the scenes of a Beijing Opera in South China.

Shark fishing in the Irish Sea.

JH does not consider "sport fishing" to be a sport, but cruelty to animals.

That's why he was very sceptical about a request from a chief editor to shoot a story about shark anglers in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Irish Sea west of Ireland.

But he agreed to do so in order to get an unbiased personal impression of people who find shark fishing exciting. He saw his prejudices confirmed.

By the way, the most important prop was a saltwaterproof camera.


Cruxifixion on the Philippines.

Every year on Good Friday before Easter a gruesome, bloody Christian ritual takes place in the small village of San Pedro Cudud in the PHILIPPINES:
flagellants whip themselves bloody to atone for their sins, and Christ is nailed live to the cross (no fake - nailed!).

It is religion and public festival, deep faith and carnival, testimony of true faith and impressing young women with the manliness of their young admirers...
That year two Christ were nailed to the cross: Juanito Piring, in his ninth and final year, and his successor for next year was allowed to practice...

JH was the first to make this cult known in the media of the western world with his photo reportage. Many magazines worldwide have printed the report.

...and quite a few more...